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Bespoke Handmade Silver and Crystal Jewellery


Ravenstonz supports local based businesses and small businesses across the counrty promoting unique handmade, organic or inovitive services promoting high quality, originality and quality. Below are a selection of unique local small businesses and established organisations to source unique handmade products or to source specialised professional services.

It's Only Natural Organics

itsonlynatural Organic bath and beauty products made in harmony with Mother Nature handmade in Perthshire Scotland using only the finest essential oils and natural colouring made from herb and plant extracts for a deeply luxurious bathing experience.


MoonlightForest Our beautiful silver and pewter jewellery is hand-crafted in Scotland by a pagan silversmith who understands the desire of pagans to wear jewellery that is made with love and passion. If you're looking for a piece of jewellery and can't find it, let us know and we'll make it for you. Ravenstonz handmade silver and Pewter Jewellery can also be seen on Moonlight Forest.

In addition we've added some other products of good quality and sensible price that we like and we think that other pagans will like.


Dark Moon Witchcraft

darkmoon Dark Moon Witchcraft has a range of products to suit every path of Witchcraft, from Wiccan ritual tools through to the sands, powders and other ingredients from the Hoodoo and Voodoo traditions of Afro-American witchcraft. We try to have something for every witch whatever their path.


Keli Clark Designs


Keli Clark Designs is a small art company promoting and selling the unique work of one of Edinburghs' and East Lothians' well known artist  - Keli Clark.

Keli's work is wide and varied, ranging from: Scottish land and cityscapes, murals, plus a refreshing  and unique collection of greeting cards and prints, including works of: magic and mystery, faeries, pagan/wicca, cats and birds.


X - Statica Pole Fitness

xstatica X-Statica is a pole fitness school newly established within St Andrews, teaching pole fitness to all women over the age of 18. Dani Burns teaches classes in small groups with the emphasis on fun and fitness. Pole fitness lessons will build your strength, develop your co-ordination and cardiovascular stamina, tone up your muscles and of course burn quite a few calories in the process. Pole Fitness is a whole body workout that is great fun and will leave you with a great sense of achievement




Wordsmith Crafts seeks to enable people to access their past and by doing this better understand their present situation and hope for a better future giving people space and time to step outside their everyday lives and experience something new in a fun and informal atmosphere


Made In Fife


Showcasing a diverse range of the original art work and quality craft designed and made by artists and skilled crafts people working in Fife