Bespoke Handmade Silver and Crystal Jewellery

Ravenstonz creates beautifully unique handmade pieces of silver and crystal jewellery each individual works of art and lovingly designed to bring balance and healing or simply to adorn the body. Drawing our inspiration from the beauty of nature, Celtic and Pictish symbols and the magick of the universe, Ravenstonz also work as part of living history creating Celtic, medieval or dark age silver jewellery for an authentic piece to wear when in period costume.

Founded over 30 years ago by Peggy Neithercut Ravenstonz has been a member of some of the largest Scottish craft associations such as 3D/2D who have established a strong reputation for promoting artists and designers producing unique handmade products and Made in Fife, promoting bespoke Fife based Crafts.

Ravenstonz has been commissioned to create unique handmade pieces of jewellery for festivals and exhibitions such as The Big Tent Festival. Ravenstonz was one of the few hand selected by the Falkland Stewardship to design and create to unique handmade pieces of jewellery from eco friendly recycled materials to promote greener living.

Both pieces created for the Big Tent festival can be viewed below in our News section and will soon be available for purchase directly from Ravenstonz.

If you see an item you wish to buy please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

or visit the Ravenstonz Etsy page